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My Background


My background is in working with young people in a wide range of professions focusing on their health and well being. I trained as an Holistic practitioner in 2014 after experiencing the positive effects of Holistics on my own health and realising that I needed more balance in my own life.      

I’ve discovered how these natural therapies address not only physical issues, but restore balance on an emotional and psychological level too. 

My Approach

As my client you will be at the centre of your treatment whether it is massage , reflexology or another therapy. You will have the space to focus on yourself and to restore mind, body and spirit. 

I aspire to deliver nurturing and restorative treatments to promote reconnection within the whole self through the physical and energetic aspects of the body. 

During your consultation we will establish what your treatment goals are so I can work towards these with you, allowing the treatment to be completely tailored to your needs.

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