Benefits of Baby Massage

Using touch to bond with your infant is a practise that can be traced back thousands of years, and baby massage is still of cultural importance in many Eastern Cultures. By creating a warm, and calming environment, baby is encouraged to relax and enjoy the soothing strokes of the massage.


Classes are usually on an individual basis to fit around your baby's routine, but can be arranged to provide tutoring for groups of friends.


Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Stimulates baby's immune system

  • Supports bonding and attachment

  • Promotes sleep

  • Enhances communication between parent and child.

  • Raises body awareness and co-ordination

  • Relief from colic wind and constipation

  • Reduces stress for baby and parent

  • Can help alleviate post natal depression, and create a more positive relationship between mother and baby


Prices start at £45 for 90 minutes instruction 1 to 1.

Please contact us to book a session or to discuss your specific requirements.

Baby Massage