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Relax, Refresh, Rebalance


Kanchani Therapies

Just off the Market Place, in Hyde Court you can find the perfect place to escape from the world outside and for some time out.  A warm and cosy space with the heady aroma of essential oils transport you to the tranquil world of Kanchani Therapies. A friendly space dedicated to your well-being.

I work in a nurturing, intuitive and person-centred way so that you truely are at the centre of your treatment.


Complementary therapies have been used for over 2000 years in a variety of traditions and culture’s. They view the body, mind and spirit as one and therefore treat the individual on all these levels. Therapies are non-invasive, providing time and space for the body and mind to experience gentle healing in order to improve your overall health and well-being; this is not to say that the effects are not immediate or long-lasting.


The benefits of an holistic approach are now widely recognised and increasing in popularity to escape from today’s fast paced world and to help restore harmony, alignment and work-life balance. They include:-

Stress relief

Improved posture

Improved circulation

Strengthened immune system

Balancing of hormones

Release of endorphins

Improved concentration

Promote better quality of sleep

Induce a sense of peace and tranquility


Whether you are looking for a regular treatment to help keep your body balanced, or are looking to address a specific issue, holistic therapies can help.  Every treatment is tailored to suit your wants and needs which may be different each time we meet, so a variety of techniques will be adapted to enable your well-being goals to be met.

Charlotte is an exceptional holistic therapist. She takes the time to genuinely understand your ailments and targets areas you didn't even know needed it. Thanks for working on my tired legs and feet, they appreciate it!!!!



Fantastic treatment, very professional and friendly in a lovely little studio. Will definitely be back again! I recommend Kanchani to anyone looking for a little relaxation/relief. Thank you.


Fantastic massage, my shoulders feel so much better already. Lovely welcoming atmosphere, Charlotte immediately made me feel at ease. Lots of good advice and guidance provided. Excellent cheerful service. Would definitely recommend 



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07812 639913    |

1 Hyde Court, 5-6 Market Place, Leek Staffordshire ST13  5HH

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